Spanish Alabaster

Spanish Alabaster is a valuable gemstone, similar to jade, produced in Spain. It is transparent and has a natural cloud-like texture. With its noble properties, alabaster has been enchanted by countless craftsmen, who have described it as "like a stone but not a stone, the king of stones". It has also garnered numerous compliments from those who appreciate the unique emotional beauty of ancient marble lighting. Despite its unassuming appearance, when carved by the hands of a skilled maker, alabaster can be transformed into a sophisticated and elegant lighting fixture that offers a unique lighting experience. It exudes serenity and old-world charm, allowing the imagination to run free. The visual effect is both solid and illusionistic, transporting people to a fairytale world.

The worldwide use of alabaster originated in the medieval period when it was used as a nobleman's vessel. Later, it became an important art form in churches and monasteries. Alabaster lamps have excellent light transmission. When illuminated, the natural texture of the stone shade becomes visible. Expressing emotion through the purest colors, these luminaires blend ancient and modern styles to create the feeling of infinitely expanding time and space. Each individual light is dazzling and crystal clear.

Due to its unique texture and light transmittance, alabaster fixtures are one of a kind and each light possesses its own unique beauty. In recent years, the mining of alabaster has led to a decline in its supply and its value has risen every year. Therefore, alabaster lamps have an important collector's value. Owning such lamps is considered a symbol of power, status, wealth and dignity, demonstrating the nobility and intelligence of the owner.

The natural texture in alabaster makes it even more valuable. Even the most skilled craftsman cannot reproduce the same texture again. Alabaster has been formed underground for millions of years, giving it the strength of hellfire and the gentleness of a clear spring. Through a complex process of mining, grinding, cutting and polishing, all of the inherent beauty of alabaster is gradually revealed, like a lotus flower in bloom. Its natural characteristics have made it a favorite, and over time it has cemented its popularity, attracting even more admirers.

Alabaster luminaires not only illuminate and beautify living spaces and satisfy the desire for aesthetic pleasure, but also provide an opportunity to connect with the true essence of nature and experience the spiritual sensation of returning to its pure form.

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